In 2018 the #brainTC organising team is made up of several hubs to make it easier to span more timezones.

Finnish Hub

Enrico Glerean @eglerean

Tommi Himberg @tijh

Annika Hultén @AnnikaHulten

Koos Zevenhoven @k7hoven

UK hub

Juulia Suvilehto @JSuvilehto

US hub

Dimitrios Pantazis @pantazismit

Sheraz Khan @dr_sheraz

Organisers from Finnish hub and UK hub are affiliated with the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering @AaltoUniversity, Finland. #brainTC is sponsored by Aalto Brain Center. The brains drawing on conference logo is by Misha Pertrishchev and it is used under CC-BY licence.